Radiation Diagnostics of Changes in the Hip Joint


  • Khudoyberdiev D. K. Bukhara State Medical Institute
  • Bakhronov F. A. Bukhara State Medical Institute


X-ray, multislice computed tomography, endoprosthesis, hip joint


In recent years, there has been a significant increase in rates of damage to the osteoarticular system, rising from 10.9 to 16.9 per 100 thousand adults. The share of diseases and injuries affecting the hip joint is 8.1%. According to WHO forecasts, the number of patients with this pathology is expected to rise, correlating with an increase in the average life expectancy of the population. The challenge of treating patients with these diseases and injuries is not only medical but also socio-economic. In 60.0-64.0% of cases, it leads to a decrease in the quality of life and ability to work, and in 11.5% of cases, it results in disability among persons of working age.


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