The Importance and Effects of Traditional Medicine in the Treatment of Depression


  • Kamolova Sevinch Abduqayumovna Tashkent Medical Academy 2nd stage student
  • Akhmedova Durdona Shakirovna A senior teacher of the Department of Rehabilitation, Physical Education and Folk Medicine of the Tashkent Medical Academy


Depression, multigenetic and multifactorial syndrome, traditional medicine, depression treatment, central nervous system


Depression is a multigenetic or multifactorial syndrome. Directed to the central nevrous system (CNS), single-purpose and conventional antidepressants are inadequate and far from ideal. Traditional medicine has been used from history to the present, particularly for the treatment of depression. Its holistic, multi-medicinal, multi-purpose nature that is well suitable to the therapeutic method of systemic medicine in the treatment of depression.


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