Publication Ethics

Ethics summary

This journal follows the International Journal of Pediatrics and Genetics' Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals. If research misconduct, fraud, or plagiarism is suspected, editors will follow the COPE guidelines and reserve the right to inform authors or their institution. Therefore we genuinely recommend and appreciate it if authors read these recommendations prior to their manuscript submission. 

Conflict-of-Interest Statement

According to IJPG, conflict of interest occurred when a financial or personal relationship exists between any participant in the peer review and publication process – authors, reviewers, editors, or editorial board members of journals – and might bias or be seen to bias fulfilling their role. At first, any conflict of interest in a given manuscript should be reported by submitting the IJPG form for Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest on the “Reviews in Clinical Medicine” website. Then we utilize COPE workflow to transparently handle it.

Conflicts of interest are those that could not always be clear and that could affect the opinion of the author, the reviewers, and the editors. It has been said that they are those that, if discovered afterward, would cause a logical reader to feel misled or duped. They might be financial, scholarly, political, commercial, or personal. Employment, research funding, stock or share ownership, remuneration for lectures or travel, consulting work, and employee benefits are all examples of "financial" interests.