About the Journal

International Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology with U.S. ISSN 2995-536X - is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research articles, reviews, case studies, brief scientific notes, opinions, and letters to the editor for all fields of Cognitive Psychology and Neurosciences.

International Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology is an international, high-quality, peer-reviewed open-access journal that publishes articles in all areas of cognitive science, perception, natural language understanding, inference, memory processes, learning, problem-solving, planning, connectionism, and other areas of interdisciplinary concern related in education, pedagogy, and psychology.

The main objective of the International Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology is to discuss global prospects and innovations concerning major issues of cognitive science and to publish new scientific results of cognitive science research, including the studies of cognitive processes, emotions, perception, memory, thinking, problem solving, planning, education and teaching, language and consciousness study, the results of studying man’s cognitive development and the formation of basic cognitive skills in everyday life. The Journal seeks to stimulate the initiation of new research and ideas in cognitive science for the purpose of integration and interaction of international specialists in the development of cognitive science as interdisciplinary knowledge.

Topics will include fields such as neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry, neurology, psychiatry, psychopathology, neurodegenerative diseases, pain, stroke, sleep disorders, stress disorders, addiction disorders, and many other areas regarding neurosciences.