Aims & Scope

The International Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology publishes original papers that have not been published previously: Original Research, Review Articles, Studies and articles, Book Reviews, Case Studies and Monographic studies.
The International Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology is dedicated to: cognitive science, perception, natural language understanding, inference, memory processes, learning, problem solving, planning, connectionism, and other areas of interdisciplinary concern related to education, pedagogy and psychology.

All articles are published in English and undergo a peer-review process.

The scope of journal is focused on cognitive research both in topics covered in disciplinary perspective:

  • Cognitive Research in Education
  • Cognitive Pedagogics
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Cognitive Linguistics
  • Cognitive Culture Studies
  • Cognitive Neurophysiology
  • Cognitive Aspects: Sport Culture
  • Cognitive Aspects: Methodology of Knowledge
  • Text Processing and Cognitive Technologies
  • Curriculum Development
  • Development of Learning Environment
  • Education Administration
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Technology
  • Elementary Education
  • Innovative Pedagogical Models
  • Learning Systems Platforms
  • Media Education
  • Science Education
  • Teaching and Learning Technologies