Assessment Outcomes of Common Complications and Side Effects of Thyroidectomy


  • Dr. Hussam Abd Mohammed M.B.Ch.B., F.I.B.M.S. \ (General Surgery), Iraqi Ministry of Health, Al-Karkh Health Department, Abu Graib General Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Dr. Wael Fadhel Habash M.B.Ch.B., C. A.B.S. \ (General Surgery), Iraqi Ministry of Health, Al-Karkh Health Department, Abu Graib General Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Dr. Muthanna Khudhair Adwan M.B.Ch.B., C. A.B.S. \ (General Surgery), Iraqi Ministry of Health, Al-Karkh Health Department, Abu Graib General Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq


Endoscopic thyroidectomy, Postoperative complications, Side effects, Length of stay in hospital


Background: The treatment of patients with thyroid, endoscopic thyroidectomy is the most common method. Objective: This study was aimed to assess the clinical outcomes of patients who underwent thyroidectomy in terms of complications and side effects. Patients and methods: Two groups of patients who had undergone thyroid surgery were recruited for the study. The first group included 30 patients who had undergone endoscopic thyroid surgery. The second group included 30 patients who had undergone traditional surgery. Clinical and surgical patient data were collected from different hospitals in Iraq for the period extending from 8 April 2022 to 25 August 2023. Results: A comparison was made between the outcomes of endoscopic thyroidectomy and traditional surgery. We determined the operational duration in the endoscopic thyroidectomy category to be 106.63 ± 21.15 minutes and established that blood loss was 18.68 ± 8.76, and two cases demanded blood transfusion while the length of hospital stay was 1.52 ± 0.64 days. The intensive care unit had one admission case, and zero mortality cases were observed, while there were four complications cases in patients who underwent endoscopic thyroidectomy, and the traditional surgery group had an average operative time of 233.33 minutes, taking into account a 2.00 was the mean blood loss volume. Six cases of transfusion were reported during the study, and the mean blood transfusion volume was 1.45 ± 10.58 mL.

Furthermore, five cases of admission to the intensive care unit and three cases of mortality were recorded with a mean hospital stay of 5.30 ± 1.02 days. The prevalence of complications was 11 cases. Furthermore, the potential adverse effects of the procedure were identified, demonstrating that a number of patient-specific factors, including gender, hypertension, obesity, smoking, nodular goiter, thyroid cancer, tumour size, bleeding, wound infection, and hypocalcemia, can influence the outcome. Conclusion: Laparoscopic thyroidectomy is the optimal treatment for thyroid disease, offering a low complication rate, high quality of life, and low pain compared to traditional surgery.


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